Pollution control and industrial cleaning

Pollution Control and Industrial Cleaning Whilst we take precautions to prevent a spillage happening occasionally such events occur. In this event the area needs to be restored to its former state quickly and efficiently. We undertake to provide a complete service to do exactly that in line with all statutory requirements. We operate in the following manner:

  1. Full assessment of the site taking into account any operational difficulties.
  2. Provide a written Health and Safety Method Statement detailing method of work and safety implications.
  3. Undertake full risk assessment of all hazards and work in accordance with the report.
  4. Keep clean and dirty areas separate so as not to add to any contamination.
  5. Dispose of any waste safely and efficiently in accordance with all current legislation.
  6. Reinstate area with clean material and hand over a decontaminated site.

For further information or a site visit please telephone 01792 464624