Compliance audits

“Prevention is better than cure” is a well known phrase that is certainly true when it comes to a chemical spillage. For this reason we offer the SAPIRA spill management programme.

S Survey
A Assessment
P Planning and Policy Making
I Implementation
R Review
A Audit

The SAPIRA package consists of a full site audit followed by a detailed report. The report will highlight any areas of potential risk with action recommendations to protect against a spillage. To implement this fully we will recommend a comprehensive spillage kit complete with instruction and procedure manuals that will be tailored to your specific requirements. This is supported by a full staff training programme to enable you to deal with a spillage should this occur.

The system is fully compliant with ISO 14001 and can help in achieving full accreditation.

Where a high level of spillage protection is required we may recommend a Chemical Storage Unit as shown below
Chemical Storage Unit

We can supply a standard unit for your requirements or have a unit purpose built to meet your specifications.