Quality/Health & Safety

Gower Group have been accredited to ISO9002 Quality Management System since 1991 and are committed to Total Quality Management. In March 1996 the Group gained the “Investor in People Award” in recognition of their commitment to training and development of all employees. ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and EMAS will be in place by the end of 1999, showing our responsibility to manufacture and deliver products and services in a manner not detrimental to the environment.

As a member of the British Chemical Distributors and Traders Association (BCDTA), Gower subscribe and fully support that organisation’s “responsible care” programme.


Quality Policy Statement

Gower Chemicals Group are committed to the search for excellence and the total satisfaction of their customers justifiable and legitimate demands. We strive to be an efficient supplier and to offer customers a prompt,courteous and effective delivery service.

We seek to handle and deliver products and services in a manner that is not detrimental to the Environment or to the Health and Safety of our staff, our customers, and the general public both within and outside our facilities. It is our policy to initiate an Environmental Management System with measurable targets and that performance results are made available to interested parties. It is in the interest of all connected with the organization (shareholders, employees and customers alike) that we adopt a thoroughgoing, professional approach to Total Quality, Health and Safety, and Environmental Management.

The Board has developed a Company-wide strategy to meet these objectives, in which everyone has a part to play and a duty to support.

The achievement of our quality, health and safety and environmental goals will enable the Company to remain competitive. It is expected that everyone will strive to meet the standards and responsibilities which are assigned to them.


Health and Safety Policy Statement

It is the policy of the organisation that so far as is reasonably practicable, every possible step will be taken to ensure the Health and Safety at work of all employees, contractors and members of the public.

It has been clearly identified to all levels of management that their responsibilities in this area are no less than any other function, and it is their duty to do everything reasonably practicable to provide and maintain plant and equipment, systems of work, a workplace and working environment which are safe and without risk to health. There is a similar responsibility in so far as the use and transport of equipment and products are concerned.

Managers have been given the responsibility of ensuring that all information, instruction, training and supervision necessary to guarantee the health and safety at work of all employees, is provided. It is also the Company policy to provide appropriate safety training for all employees, and the necessary safety devices, and protective clothing to encourage the co-operation of all employees by discussion and consultation with them and their representatives with a view to promoting and developing measures to ensure safe systems of work, and to check the effectiveness of such measures.

Equally it is the duty of every employee to take every reasonable care for the health and safety of himself and his fellow workers or other persons who may be affected by his actions at work, and to co-operate with any other employee to enable statutory duties or requirements to be fulfilled. Whilst there is a statutory duty to comply with regulations and codes of practice this is regarded as a minimum requirement only, and it is the Company’s policy to endeavor to secure the co-operation of all concerned to achieve higher standards in all aspects of health and safety at work.


Environmental Policy Statement

Gower Chemicals are committed to seeking certification of the environmental standard ISO14001. To this end, the Company will seek to handle and deliver products and services in a manner not detrimental to the environment by:-

  1. Complying with the legislation relevant to its activities
  2. Ensuring risks are identified, control measures and procedures are in place to prevent a major hazard
  3. Involving the commitment of management through the provision of resources and reviews of the policy and Environmental Management System
  4. Being committed to a programme of continuous improvement and pollution prevention with set targets and objectives being reviewed periodically
  5. Endeavoring to promote the reuse and recycling of waste where applicable. A reduction in the handling of raw materials, reduction in the use of energy and the disposal of waste will be targeted
  6. Promoting staff awareness and training throughout the Company to ensure the fulfillment of this policy
  7. Encourage and agree where appropriate environmental improvement within the supply chain
  8. Promote our commitment to environmental management to the local communities.